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Community Action Team (C.A.T.)
Potluck Meeting / Neighborhood Associations / Fight Backs / Government / Providers

The CAT meetings are open to and hosted by the many neighborhood associations, resident leaders and community stakeholders in Central City South (CCS).

We seek presentations and/or information on the following topics for our meetings:

  • crime and blight reduction efforts
  • development projects
  • zoning variances
  • liquor applications
  • community services & issues

Each meeting consists of a maximum of three (3) presentations by groups/individuals for a maximum of 5-7 minutes. We provide a laptop, screen, sound and projector for our guests.

Time is reserved for   public announcements at the end of each meeting. Refreshments are served and we have a community table available.

Together we work for positive community change!


  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Tenant Councils
  • Block Watch/Neighborhood Associations
  • Faith Based Groups
  • Businesses Service Providers
  • Government Agencies/Departments
  • All interested stakeholders



  • January Holiday - Break
  • May - TBA
  • June - Summer Break
  • July - Summer Break
  • August - Summer Break
  • September - TBA
  • October - TBA
  • November - TBA
  • December Holiday – Break


City of Phoenix HOPE VI
Emmett McLoughlin Community Training
and Education Center
1150 S. 7 th Avenue
(NW corner of 7 th Avenue & Buckeye)
5:30-7:00 p.m.


Patricia Blaisdell
Administration & Community Relations
Phoenix Revitalization Corporation
Office: (602) 253-6895