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Affordable Housing List

Income Limits 
List of Income & Rent Limits for each Arizona County.
The 2017 Income & Rent Limits are now available below.  

Apache County
2017 / 2016 

Cochise County
2017 / 2016

Maricopa County
(Phoenix Metro Area) 
2017 / 2016 

Pima County (Tucson) 
2017 / 2016 


All the forms you need for your  property reporting.

Required Forms 
Verification of Information
- Online Form 

Compliance Report Summary Part A
Unit Status Report Part B
Tenant Income Certification
Affordable Housing Lease Addendum
Tenant Release and Consent

Sample Forms
Asset Verification 
Employment Verification
Tenant Income Telephone Verification 
Child Support or Alimony Verification
Certification of Zero Income
Rental Application

Other Important Information
Guide for determining Annual Income
Forms of Income Verification
Land Use Restriction Agreements
Homebuyer Income Certification

Property Owners Manual
All 9 Chapters you need for your property.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Multifamily Property Requirements

Chapter 3 - Achievment Compliance 

Chapter 4 - Determining Income Eligibility 

Chapter 5 - Rent and Lease Requirements

Chapter 6 - Reporting, Record-Keeping and Administrative Requirements

Chapter 7 - Financial Infeasiblity Waivers

Chapter 8 - Compliance Procedures for Condominium Bulk Purchases

Chapter 9 - Compliance Procedures for Single Family Bulk Sales to Public Agencies and NonProfit



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